19th of july celebration in Makhmur

19th of july commemoration in Makhmur (2017)

To the people of Makhmur. To the people in Kurdistan that aim a free life in a free world.
For us, as a spanish support group of the kurdish struggle and anarchist activists, is a big honour to have the opportunity to celebrate this 19th of july here in Makhmur. We came here to know more and learn about your struggle, your ideology and how democracy grows in the middle of the desert.

The history of the people of Makhmur is the history of the kurdish people and its rebellion against capitalism, colonialism and the state. Since you were forced to leave your homes in Bakur you have faced with strength and determination all kinds of difficulties. If the turkish army, the enemies of KRG or Daesh could not defeat you, we think no one could do.

19th of july commemoration in Makhmur (2017)

This 19th of July is the 5th anniversary of the revolution in Rojava. Because of this, the hearts of all the people around the world that aim a free life are there, in Rojava. The heroic resistance in Kobane against Daesh made the Kurdish issue well known all around the world, and today everyone recognize the Kurds as true freedom fighters. Their will of a democratic and multiethnic Middle East is the only way for peace in the region.
The ideas of women liberation, confederalism, ecology and democratic nation are a real hope for revolutionaries all around the world. And that is why we are here, to learn about the ones that liberated Rojava, Shengal, Makhmur and will liberate Bakur, Bashur, Rojihilat and contribute to build a democratic Sirya.
We want to finish our time in Makhmur saying thanks to all the comrades that we have met, to all the people that has made this trip unforgetable. And we want to send all the strength to the people in Afrin facing the turkish invasion and the people who is liberating Raqqa from the DAESH.
Freedom for Abdulah Ocalan
Freedom for Kurdistan
Long live to the people of Makhmur
Long live to the revolution in Rojava

19th of july commemoration in Makhmur (2017)


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