The 19th of july brigade it’s an international solidarity project started from a group of young activists of Madrid. We sustain the Kurdish cause and, in general, the research of peace and social justice in the middle East. The 19th of july is an extremely important date for the Rojava region: it is the day of its declaration of autonomy from the Sirian state, in 2012. Another 19th of july, this time in the 1936, the spanish people rose up agaist the fascist coup d’etat. In 1976 the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua definetly undermined the military dictatorship of Somoza.

Nowadays the Kurdish movement is facing the genocide led by the Turkish state and the open war to ISIS. Although that the democratic revolution on a social, economic, ecologic and women’s liberation front continues to progress uninterrupted and energically. Our will is to positively contribute to the Kurdish movement and for this we are intentioned approach it on the field, in the city and refugee camp of Makhmur, Bashur (Iraqi Kurdistan).

Our goal is to create international solidarity spots inside those people which are fighting against the same global order. in order to internationalize the conflict we want to let it be known and lay the bases of a fraternal solidarity.

Those who will go there will bring us knowledge and dreams.But, most of all, we’ll have the possibility to discover in first person the experiments and the progresses of the Kurdish movement, learn from them and come back with experiences to tell. Our desire is to build also here a more democratic, fair and egualitarian society.



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