The project

Once in Mahkmur we’ll work hand to hand with the organized civil society. We’ll give institutional support at the refugee camp. In this way we’ll be able to see how do the forms of popular organization work and experience the democratic self-government.

Makhmur is a city born from a refugee camp built in the middle of the deset for people fleeing from the first gulf war in Iraq. It is place 100km from Mosul and Erbil.

Thousands of Kurdish refugees have arrived to Europe, where they’re now forced to face infinite obstacles. There’re still many which can’t reach their destination and they’re trapped in a desperate situation. Makhmur, in few years, has transformed from refugee camp to city that provides spaces for those who flee from the new wars. But it’s not a city like the others, in this one the sovereignty resides in his inhabitants.

When we’ll be back we’re intentioned to continue our work in solidarity with Kurdistan. Between the activities we want to develope there are:

  • The creation of a documentary with all the collected material.

  • Organize an exposition with all the pictures done during the travel.

  • Spreding news about the situation in Kurdistan and our activity as brigades In every space we’ll be asked for.

  • Try to give to this project and to the connections we’ll create with the Kurdish community a continuity in time, hoping that new solidarity brigades will born.



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