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Development associated with coastal tourism can give directly impact on the social in addition to cultural life of fisherman communities in addition to influence the perceptions of fishermen. This particular study intend to analyze the effect of tourism growth on the social structure and social values as well as analyzing the particular attitudes of fishermen towards the travel development. The results showed that the development of travel and leisure impact on the particular social structure associated with fishermen namely the particular growth of sociable organization, social stratification, migration and composition of the human population, as well because the livelihoods and incomes.

The purpose of this study was to provide data about the characteristics of socio-economicconditions of fishermen, especially in Java island in the middle is still very limited studies on these themes inIndonesia. Total sample of this study 400 respondents artisanal fishing households in the northern coast of WestJava Province who will be scattered in typically the districts of Cirebon, Indramayu, Subang, Karawang and Bekasi withtechniques for sampling randomly clusters. The conclusions with this study once more confirms the problem of marginal socialand economic needs regarding fishermen who co-management in the field of fisheries with the involvement of variousstakeholders. The findings of this study can also contribute in providing a description of one of the stakeholdersbenefiting from the resources of the coastal artisanal fishermen. This study was undertaken to identify fish farmer characteristic and supporting institutional, and to know the degree of fish farmer capacity to manage of aquabusiness sustainability. This was done by carrying out a study involving random sample of 278 fish farmers from Bogor and Cianjur Districts of West Java Province.

The people of this particular research is all of the agricultural extension employees in four area, South Sulawesi state. The sample of the research referred in order to Slovin method through among 106 farming extension workers, 106 group farmers frontrunners and 212 ri?a farmers. The Outcome of this study show that the particular agricultural extension worker’s performance was affected significantly by quality, competence, motivation plus self reliance. The particular total influence associated with them were 10 percent and 90 % were represent some other influences outside this particular study.

faktor yang mempengaruhi pola hidup sehat

Consumers satisfaction conducted by simply Community Health Services tends to be high class. The goal of this examine was to describe typically the role of size media, especially tv set in disseminating gardening information to veg farmers in sub-urban and rural locations. The sample regarding the study had been 55 farmers, who had been randomly selected from a 550 farmer population. The findings pointed out that farmers in general are not interested in the broadcasted agricultural programs, since the programs’ contents did not match their needs.

The results pointed out there that the result of the booklets’ languages on the dairy farmers’ knowledge gains about artificial insemination was not significant at alpha equal to 0. 05. Most of the children spent their time on the street or in other public areas. Government throught Social Welfare Departement developed an transit house program which providing social guidance fo ther street children, but the budget can not cover all of the children.

Futhermore internal characteristic had a positive value correlation among aspects toward recognition degree of Opinion Leader, yet external characteristic demonstrated negative correlation. Specifically, the function associated with Opinion Leader all those were strong relationship toward recognition maqui berry farmers level to Viewpoint Leader. Mangrove woodland is one organic resource which necessary for the life span associated with living creatures that will lives on the surrounding. The presence of mangrove jungles has become a fundamental element of the lives associated with coastal communities; therefore the existence associated with mangrove forests ought to be maintained plus preserved.

Additionally , the farmers in the city of Bandar Lampung watched a new lot more kinds of television programs than patients resided in typically the West Lampung region. A research with regards to the effect of booklet’s language on typically the dairy farmers information gain regarding unnatural insemination was completed in Nongkosawit Village, Gunung Pati District, City of Semarang on April 3 to June 3, 2004. The objective of the research was to determine whether such an extension booklet language created an effect on the dairy farmers’ knowledge regarding artificial insemination. The first group was exposed to the first version of the booklet written Javanese, and the second group was exposed to the second version of the booklet written in bahasa Indonesia.